Harvey Kaye. Marxists and the Writing of History.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Harvey Kaye. The Education of Desire. Marxists and the Writing of History.

Londres/Nueva York: Routledge, 1992.

220 páginas.


Foreword / Christopher Hill



1 – Political Theory and History: Antonio Gramsci and the British Marxist Historians

2 – George Rudé, All History Must Be Studied Afresh

3 – V. G. Kiernan, Seeing Things Historically

4 – E. P. Thompson, the British Marxist Historical Tradition and the Contemporary Crisis

5 – Our Island Story Retold: A. L. Morton and “The People” in History

6 – Capitalism and Democracy in America: Leo Huberman’s We, the People

7 – John Berger and the Question of History

8 – Past and Present: Notes on History and Politics

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