A. and J. Rabinowitch (eds.) Revolution and Politics in Russia.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Alexander and Janet Rabinowitch (eds.) Revolution and Politics in Russia: Essays in Memory of Boris Nicolaevsky.

Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1972.



B.I. Nicolaevsky: The Formative Years / Ladis Kristof

Boris Nicolaevsky: The American Years / Philip Mosely

Russian Youth on the Eve of Romanticism: Andrei Turgenev and His Circle / Mark Raeff

Voluntarism, Maximalism, and the Group for the Emancipation of Labor (1883-1892) / Jonathan Frankel

Russian and Jewish Social Democracy / Allan Wildman

Marxist Revolutionaries and the Dilemma of Power / Israel Getzler

The All-Russian Railroad Union and the Beginning of the General Strike in October, 1905 / Walter Sablinsky

The Social Democratic Movement in Latvia / Bruno Kalnins

Stalin’s Revolutionary Career Before 1917 / Robert Tucker

The Petrograd Garrison and the Bolshevik Seizure of Power / Alexander Rabinowitch

In Praise of War Communism: Bukharin’s “The Economics of the Transition Period” / Stephen Cohen

An Abortive Attempt at International Unity of the Workers’ Movement (The Berlin Conference of the Three Internationals, 1922) / Wiktor Sukiennicki

The Kaminsky Brigade: A Case-Study of Soviet Disaffection / Alexander Dallin

The Presidium Meeting of February, 1961: A Reconstruction / Robert Slusser

The Rehabilitation of M.N. Pokrovskii / John Keep

Political Monism and Cultural Duality: A Soviet Model of Modern Society? / George Fischer

The Writings of B.I. Nicolaevsky: A Selected Bibliography / Anna Bourguina

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