Alexander De Grand. In Stalin’s Shadow: Angelo Tasca.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Alexander De Grand. In Stalin’s Shadow: Angelo Tasca and the Crisis of the Left in Italy and France, 1910-1945.

Dekalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1986.


Introduction: A Generation of Exiles

Part One: The Communist: 1892-1929

1 – The Making of a Revolutionary Socialist

2 – Tasca and the Italian Revolution

3 – Tasca, the Third International, and Unity of Action

4 – Tasca and the PCI in Exile

5 – Tasca’s Expulsion and the Stalinization of the PCI

Part Two: The Socialist, 1930-1938

6 – Marxism Revised: Tasca and Monde

7 – Tasca’s Return to the PSI

8 – Neoreformism versus Unity of Action

9 – A Foreign Policy for a Dying Europe

10 – The Renewal of Unity of Action

Part Three: The Cold Warrior, 1938-1960

11 – The Decline of Unity of Action

12 – The Rupture of Unity of Action

13 – Tasca’s Vichy Gamble

14 – Cold War Politics

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