Alexandr Lozovsky. Marx and the Trade Unions.

Biblioteca / 1930-1939

Alexandr Lozovsky. Marx and the Trade Unions.  

Nueva York: International Publishers, 1935.

188 páginas.

Alexandr Lozovsky (1878-1952)




I – Rôle of the Trade Unions in the General Class Struggle of the Proletariat

II – Marx against Proudhonism and Bakuninism

III – The Struggle against Lassaleanism and all other forms of German Opportunism

IV – Marx and the Trade Union Movement in England

V – Marx and the Labour Movement in France

VI – Marx and the United States

VII – Marx and the Struggle for the Partial Demands of the Working Class

VIII – Marx and the Strike Movement

IX – Pseudo-Marxists and the Trade Union Critics of Marx

X – Marx, the Organiser of the Working Class

XI – For Marxism-Leninism in the Trade Union Movement