Alexopoulos – Hessler – Tomoff, eds. Writing the Stalin Era.

Golfo Alexopoulos – Julie Hessler – Kiril Tomoff, editors. Writing the Stalin Era. Sheila Fitzpatrick and Soviet Historiography.

Nueva York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

240 páginas.



1 – Writing Russia: The Work of Sheila Fitzpatrick / Ronald Grigor Suny

2 – Sheila Fitzpatrick: An Interpretive Essay / Julie Hessler

3 – The Two Faces of Tatiana Matveevna / Yuri Slezkine

4 – Military Occupation and Social Unrest: Daily Life in Russian Poland at the Start of World War I / Joshua Sanborn

5 – Seeing Like a Soviet State: Settlement of Nomadic Kazakhs, 1928–1934 / Matthew J. Payne

6 – Counternarratives of Soviet Life: Kulak Special Settlers in the First Person / Lynne Viola

7 – Gender, Marriage, and Reproduction in the Postwar Soviet Union / Mie Nakachi

8 – Collective Action in Soviet Society: The Case of War Veterans / Mark Edele

9 – “Shostakovich et al.” and The Iron Curtain: Intellectual Property and the Development of a Soviet Strategy of Cultural Confrontation, 1948–1949 / Kiril Tomoff

10 – A Torture Memo: Reading Violence in the Gulag / Golfo Alexopoulos

11 – Founding Fathers/Iconic Soviets: Public Identity, Soviet Mythology, and the Fashioning of Science Heroes in Soviet Times / James T. Andrews

12 – Reminiscences