Andrea Panaccione, ed. May Day Celebration.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Andrea Panaccione, ed. May Day Celebration.

Venecia: Marsilio, 1988.

225 páginas.


Introduction / Andrea Panaccione

Images on May Day Single Issue Newspapers (1891-1924): their Function and Meanings / Giovanna Ginex May

Day Studies in Russia (before and after the October Revolution of 1917) / Timur Timofeev

Bibliography of Russian and Soviet Literature on the History of May Day / The Institute of International Labour Movement of the Ussr Academy of Sciences

«Primo Maggio» in the United States: an Invented Tradition of the Italian Anarchists / Rudolph Vecoli

«Gli emigranti dell’ideale»: May Day among Italian Workers and Socialists in the United States of America

At the Origins of May Day: Ambiguous Loyalty, Contradictory Adhesion / Susanna Garroni

Memory, Struggle, and Americanization: the May Day of the Italian Socialists and Revolutionary Syndacalists in America in the 1910’s / Elisabetta Vezzosi

May Day in Austria / Herbert Steiner

The Importance of May Day to Australian Anarchists / Bob James

Some Notes on the Beginnings of May Day in China / Feng Xiao

May Day in Italy during World War I / Felicia Giagnotti

A Comparative Historical Sketch of the Early European May I Celebrations / Janos Jemnitz

Institutes and Scholars Interested in the May Day Project

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