Arthur Hirsh. The French New Left. An Intellectual History from Sartre to Gorz.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Arthur Hirsh. The French New Left. An Intellectual History from Sartre to Gorz. 

Boston: South End Press, 1981.

xiii, 253 páginas.

Table of Contents


Part I

Intellectual Origins of the French New Left


1 – The Leftist Critique of Marxism in Postwar France

Traditional Marxism in Postwar France

Sources of Renewal

The New Themes

2 – Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir: The Existentialist Challenge

Introduction: Sartre’s Rise to Prominence

Sartre’s Existentialist Social Theory

Simone de Beauvoir: Existentialism and Feminism

Les Temps Modernes and Existentialist Politics

Sartre and the Origins of the French New Left

3 – Sartre’s Critique of Marxism

Introduction: Marxism and Existentialism

Mediations and the Progressive-Regressive Method

The Dialectic

A Social Ontology of Alienation

Social Being: Series and Groups

The Critique and New Left Social Theory

4 – Lefebvre and French Revisionism: Marxists Question Marxism


Arguments: Marxism in Question

Henri Lefebvre: Communist Philosopher

The Re-thinking of Marx

The Critique of Everyday Life

Lefebvre and the French New Left

5 – Castoriadis and Socialisme ou Barbarie: The Gauchiste Rejection of Marxism



The Critique of Bureaucracy


The Rejection of Marxism

Part II

May 1968

6 – From Origins to Culmination

May 1968: New Left Apocalypse

Sartre, Lefebvre, Castoriadis and May 1968

Limitations of New Left Social Theory 148

May 1968: The Turning Point

Part III

Beyond May 1968: The Legacy of the French New Left

7 – Althusser and the Resurgence of Structuralist-Marxism


Althusser’s Problematic

Theoretical Anti-Humanism

Althusser and the PCF

Althusser’s Stalinism

8 – Eurocommunism and the Crisis of Marxism

Introduction: The Rise of Eurocommunism

Poulantzas and the Theory of Eurocommunism

The New Philosophers

The Crisis of Marxism

9 – The New Social Movements of the 1970s


Simone de Beauvoir and the New French Feminism

Political Ecology and the “Greening” of André Gorz

Epilogue: Marxism and Autonomous Society