Bert Cochran (ed.) American Labor in Midpassage.

Biblioteca / 1950-1959

Bert Cochran (ed.) American Labor in Midpassage.

Nueva York: Monthly Review Press, 1959, 200 páginas.



American Labor In Midpassage / BERT COCHRAN

The Condition Of The Working Class / PAUL M. SWEEZY

A Note On Cultural Exploitation / HARVEY SWADOS

No More Class War? / LEO HUBERMAN

Labor And Politics / HARRY BRAVERMAN

The Automation Problem / WILLIAM GLAZIER

The White Collar Worker / DOUGLAS F. DOWD

Women At Work / NANCY REEVES

The Negro And The Union / SHUBEL MORGAN

Corruption And Racketeering / DENNIS ANDERSON

Books About American Labor / DAVID HERRESHOFF

The Taft-Hartley Decade / BERT COCHRAN