Cedric Robinson. Black Novements in America.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Cedric J. Robinson. Black Movements in America.

Londres/New York: Routledge, 1997.

Cedric James Robinson (1940–2016)


Chapter One

The Coming to America

Blacks and Colonial English America

The Early Black Movements of Resistance

Marronage in North America

Diverging Political Cultures

Chapter Two

Slavery and the Constitutions

Three American Revolutions

Documenting Indifference and Interest

The Slaves’ Revolution Continues

Chapter Three

Free Blacks and Resistance

Abolition and Free Blacks

The Black Abolitionists

Black Sovereignty


Chapter Four

The Civil War and Its Aftermath

Opposing Objectives: Accumulation vs. Liberty

The Blacks’ War

White Reconstruction and Black Deconstruction

Chapter Five

The Nadir and Its Aftermath

Afro-Christianity and the Exodus

Black Agrarians and Populism

The Antilynching Movement

The First World War

Black Self-Determination

Chapter Six

The Search for Higher Ground

The Second World War and Black Struggles

The Cold War and the Race War

Civil Rights and Mass Struggle

Civil Rights and the Rituals of Oppression

The Negations of the Movement

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