Ch. Tsuzuki. Hyndman and British Socialism.

Biblioteca / 1960-1969

Chushichi Tsuzuki. H.M. Hyndman and British Socialism.

Oxford University Press, 1961.

300 páginas.


I – Scion of Empire

II – Tory Radical

III – Founding the Democratic Federation

IV – Riots and Ructions

V – New Unions and ‘Independent Labour’

VI – Imperialism and the Second International

VII – Low Spirits, High Finance

VIII – Labour Alliance or Socialist Unity?

IX – Syndicalists and Suffragettes

X – The German Menace

XI – World War and Revolution

XII – Last Years

XIII – Epilogue

Appendix A. S.D.F. Finances

Appendix B. S.D.F. Membership

Appendix C. Bibliography of Works by H.M. Hyndman

Appendix D. List of Unpublished Sources Consulted

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