Crossick – Haupt (eds.), Shopkeepers and Master Artisans in Nineteenth-Century Europe.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Geoffrey Crossick – Heinz-Gerhard Haupt (eds.) Shopkeepers and Master Artisans in Nineteenth-Century Europe.

Londres: Methuen, 1984.



1 – Shopkeepers, master artisans and the historian: the petite bourgeoisie in compartive focus / G. Crossik y H.-G. Haupt


2 – Between resignation and volatility: the German petite bourgeoisie in the nineteenth century / David Blackbourn

3 – The petite bourgeoisie in nineteenth-century Britain: the urban and liberal case / G. Crossik

4 – The petite bourgeoisie in France, 1850-1914: in search of the juste milieu?

5 – A Forgotten class: the petite bourgeoisie in Belgium, 1850-1914 / Ginette Kurgan-van Hentenryk


6 – Masters and manufacturers: social values and the smaller unit of production in Birmingham, 1800-50 / Clive Behagg

7 – The grocery trade in nineteenth-century Paris: a fragmented corporation / Alain Faure

8 – The small shopkeepers’ movement and politics in France, 1888-1914 / Philip Nord

9 – The artisan family in nineteenth-century Austria: embourgeoisement of the petite bourgeoise / Josef Ehmer

10 – Rural artisans in the Beauce during the nineteenth century / Jean-Claude Farcy

11 – Shopkeepers and the state in Britain, 1870-1914 / G. Crossik

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