David Morgan. The Socialist Left and the German Revolution.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

David Morgan. The Socialist Left and the German Revolution. A History of the German Independent Social Democratic Party, 1917-1922.

Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1975.

510 páginas.



1 – The Division of German Social Democracy

German Social Democracy in 1914

The Impact of War


2 – The New Party (1917)

Radical Socialism and Popular Radicalism

The Organizational and Regional Balance

3 – Toward Revolution (1917-1918)

The USPD and Mass Action

Party Tactics: Drift toward Radicalism

The Debate on Bolshevism Revolutionary

Preparations and Final Crisis

4 – The Revolutionary Regime in Berlin (November 1918)

Advent of the New Regime

The Problem of the Future of the Revolution

The Radicals and the Executive Council

Socialist Government in Action

5 – Patterns of Revolution outside Berlin (November 1918 to January 1919)

Munich and Kurt Eisner

The USPD as Ruling Minority: Hamburg, Bremen, and Braunschweig

The USPD as Dominant Party: Leipzig and Halle

Other Patterns of Revolution The National Position of the USPD

6 – Crisis in the Provisional Government and the USPD (December 1918)

The Rise of Unrest

The Congress of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils

Collapse of the Joint Socialist Cabinet

Crisis in the USPD

7 – Civil War (January to May 1919)

First Confrontations: Berlin and Bremen

The General Strike Movement: The Ruhr, Halle, and Berlin

Other Struggles and Final Phase

8 – Adjusting to the Initial Defeat of the Revolution (1919)


New Programs and Tactics

Efforts at Unity: The Berlin Party Congress and After

Purposeful Interlude: Versailles

Revolutionary Ebb Tide and the Independents

9 – Revolutionary Internationalism and Consolidation of the Left (August to December 1919)

Emergence of the Problem of the International

German Communists and the Comintern in Germany

The Leipzig Party Congress

10 – The Frustration of the Left (December 1919 to April 1920)

Uncertainty on the International Scene

Fiasco in the Council Movement and Resurgence of the Moderates

The Party Executive and the Kapp Putsch

The Kapp Putsch, Working-Class Militancy, and Armed Action

11 – Toward Schism (April to October 1920)

Aftermath of the Kapp Crisis

Apogee: The Elections of June 1920

Negotiating with the Third International


12 – The Rump USPD (October 1920 to June 1922)

Splitting and Reconsolidation

Image and Purposes of the Party

Vicissitudes of the VKPD

Relations with the SPD: Rapprochement and Rebuff

Drift and Conflict

13 – Reunification (June to September 1922)



1 – The Socialist Share of the Poll in Major Elections, 1919 to 1921

2 – Membership of USPD Reichstag and National Assembly Delegations

3 – The Party Leadership

4 – Biographical Sketches

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