David Stafford. From Anarchism to Reformism.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

David Stafford. From Anarchism to Reformism. A study of the political activities of Paul Brousse within the First International and the French socialist movement, 1870-90. 

University of Toronto Press, 1971.

390 páginas.


FOREWORD / James Joll



1 – Brousse and the Midi, 1870-3

The end of the Second Empire, and the Paris Commune

The International in the Hérault

Brousse and the Comité de Propagande Socialiste révolutionnaire de la France meridionale, Barcelona, 1873

2 – Brousse and the Jura Federation, 1873-7


Congress of Geneva, September 1873

Brousse and Bakunin

Berne: Natalie Landsberg

Brousse and the development of anarchist theory

The Berne section of the International

The Berne Congress of the International, 1876

3 – ‘A Universal Anarchist’

The conflict with Guillaume

Propaganda by the deed

The Congresses of 1877

The International and France; Brousse’s role

The Fribourg Congress and the L’Avant Garde affair: the evolution towards reformism

4 – From Anarchism to Reformism: exile in Brussels and London, 1879-80

5 – Brousse and the Foundation of the French Socialist Party, 1880-2

The Marseilles Congress, 1879

The Minimum Programme

The reaction against the Minimum Programme

Conflict within the Party: the defeat of the Guesdists, 1881

Intra-Party polemics, 1882

The final break: the St Etienne Congress

6 – The Possibilist Party, 1882-90

Consolidation, organization and reformism

Refusal to compromise with other socialist groups

Class-conscious and ouvriériste content


Events leading to the split at the Chatellerault Congress, 1890

Epilogue: Brousse’s activities, 1890-1912