Debs: His Life, Writings and Speeches.

Biblioteca / 1900-1909

Debs: His Life, Writings and Speeches.

Girard, Kansas: The Appeal to Reason, 1908. 555 páginas.

Eugene Victor Debs (1855-1926)


Preface / Bruce Rogers

I – BIOGRAPHY / Stephen Marion Reynolds


Where Daisy Sleeps (Poem)

How I Became a Socialist

Outlook for Socialism in the United States

The American Movement

Unionism and Socialism


Reply to John Mitchell

The Federal Government and the Chicago Strike

You Railroad Men

The Growth of Socialism

An Ideal Labor Press


The Crimson Standard

Roosevelt’s Labor Letters

Labor Omnia Vincit

Open Letter to President Roosevelt

December 2, 1859

The Martyred Apostles of Labor

Mother Jones

John Brown History’s Greatest Hero

Martin Irons Martyr

Thomas McGrady

Looking Backward

Labor Day Greeting

Proclamation to A.R.U.

Flea and Donkey

Eye to Eye

Stopped the Blacklist

Prince and Proletaire


Vive la Revolution

Arouse Ye Slaves

Growth of the Injunction

What’s the Matter with Chicago?



Prison Labor

The Socialist Party and the Working Class

Craft Unionism

Class Unionism

Revolutionary Unionism

Industrial Unionism

Golden Wedding Anniversary

The Issue


Mr. Debs an Artist in Expression

From Woodstock to Boise

Here Comes a Man

Without Guile

Eugene V. Debs as an Orator

Lincoln, 1860 – Debs, 1894

Eugene V. Debs Incarnate Spirit of Revolt

A Companion of Truth

Greater Love Hath No Man

Agitator and Poet

A Love Shared by Lincoln and Debs

A Righteous Cause Must Win

Loves Inter-racial, Pan human Language

Sincere to the Core

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