Dirk Hoerder (ed.) American Labor and Immigration History, 1877-1920s.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Dirk Hoerder (ed.) American Labor and Immigration History, 1877-1920s: Recent European Research.

Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1983.


Introduction: American Labor History in the United States and Europe / Dirk Hoerder

PART I: Workers, Scholars, Militancy

1 – Strikes and Economics: Working-Class Insurgency and the Birth of Labor Historiography in the 1880s / Bruno Cartosio

2 – W. E. B. Du Bois and the Proletariat in Black Reconstruction / Ferruccio Gambino

3 – Workers’ Self-Organization and Resistance in the 1877 Strikes / Marianne Debouzy

4 “Reefs of Roast Beef”: The American Worker’s Standard of Living in Comparative Perspective / Peter Shergold

PART II: Organization

5 – The Socialists and the Working Class in New York, 1890-96 / Hubert Perrier

6 – The Parameters of Craft Consciousness: The Social Out-look of the Skilled Worker, 1890-1920 / Andrew Dawson

7 – The German Immigrant Working Class of Chicago, 1875-1890: Workers, Labor Leaders, and the Labor Movement / Hartmut Keil

8 – Yugoslav Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Movement, 1880-1920 / Ivan Cizmic

PART III: Immigrants

9 – Unestablished Irishmen: New Immigrants and Industrial America, 1870-1910 / David Doyle

10 – Strikes and Political Radicalism in Sweden and Emigration to the United States / Lars-Göran Tedebrand

11 – Political Mobilization of the Workers: The Case of the Worcester Swedes / Sune Akerman and Hans Norman

12 – For or Against Americanization? The Case of the Finnish Immigrant Radicals / Auvo Kostiainen

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