Douglas Moggach, ed. The New Hegelians.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Douglas Moggach, ed. The New Hegelians: Politics and Philosophy in the Hegelian School.

Cambridge University Press, 2006.

xiv, 345 páginas.


Introduction: Hegelianism, Republicanism, and Modernity / Douglas Moggach

1 – Eduard Gans on Poverty and on the Constitutional Debate / Norbert Waszek

2 – Ludwig Feuerbach’s Critique of Religion and the End of Moral Philosophy / Howard Williams

3 – The Symbolic Dimension and the Politics of Left Hegelianism / Warren Breckman

4 – Exclusiveness and Political Universalism in Bruno Bauer / Massimiliano Tomba

5 – Republican Rigorism and Emancipation in Bruno Bauer / Douglas Moggach

6 – Edgar Bauer and the Origins of the Theory of Terrorism / Eric v.d. Luft

7 – Ein Menschenleben: Hegel and Stirner / Lawrence S. Stepelevich

8 – ‘The State and I’: Max Stirner’s Anarchism / David Leopold

9 – Engels and the Invention of the Catastrophist Conception of the Industrial Revolution / Gareth Stedman Jones

10 – The Basis of the State in the Marx of 1842 / Andrew Chitty

11 – Marx and Feuerbachian Essence: Returning to the Question of ‘Human Essence’ in Historical Materialism / José Crisóstomo de Souza

12 – Freedom and the ‘Realm of Necessity’ / Sean Sayers

13 – Work, Language, and Community: A Response to Hegel’s Critics / Ardis B. Collins