Edward R. Pease. The History of the Fabian Society.

Biblioteca / 1910-1919

Edward R. Pease. The History of the Fabian Society.

Nueva York: E.P. Dutton & Company, 1916.

287 páginas.


I – The Sources of Fabian Socialism

II – The Foundations of the Society: 1883-4

III – The Early Days: 1884-6

IV – The Formation of Fabian Policy: 1886-9

V – «Fabian Essays» and the Lancashire Campaign: 1890-3

VI – «To your tents, O Israel»: 1894-1900

VII – «Fabianism and the Empire»: 1900-1

VIII – Education: 1902-5, and the Labour Party: 1900-15

IX – The Episode of Mr. Wells: 1906-8

X – The Policy of Expansion: 1907-12

XI – The Minority Report, Syndicalism and Research: 1909-15

XII – The Lessons of Thirty Years

Appendix I

A – On the History of Fabian Economics. By Bernard Shaw

B – On Guild Socialism. By Bernard Shaw

Appendix II

The Basis of the Fabian Society

Appendix III

List of the names and the years of office of the ninety-six members of the Executive Committee, 1884-1915

 Appendix IV

Complete List of Fabian publications, 1884-1915, with names of authors