Eugenio Biagini – Alastair Reid (eds) Currents of Radicalism.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Eugenio Biagini – Alastair Reid (eds.) Currents of Radicalism: Popular radicalism, organised labour and party politics in Britain, 1850-1914.

Cambridge University Press, 1991. 315 páginas.



1 – Currents of radicalism, 1850-1914 / Eugenio F. Biagini and Alastair J. Reid

Part I: Continuities in popular radicalism

2 – The old radicalism and the new: David Urquhart and the politics of opposition, 1832-1867 / Miles Taylor

3 – Radicalism and popular culture: the Tichborne case and the politics of ‘fair play’, 1867-1886 / Rohan McWilliam

4 – Popular politics and the limitations of party: Wolverhampton, 1867-1900 / Jon Lawrence

5 – Nonconformity and trade unionism: the Sheffield outrages of 1866 / Kenneth D. Brown

Part II: The Liberal party and the people

6 – Trade unionists, Gladstonian Liberals, and the labour law reforms of 1875 / Jonathan Spain

7 – Popular Liberals, Gladstonian finance, and the debate on taxation, 1860-1874 / Eugenio F. Biagini

8 – Gladstone and his rivals: popular Liberal perceptions of the party leadership in the political crisis of 1885-1886 / Graham D. Goodlad

Part III: Radicals, Liberals, and the Labour party

9 – Labour and parliament: the Lib.-Labs, as the first working-class MPs, 1885-1906 / John Shepherd

10 – Old Unionism reconsidered: the radicalism of Robert Knight, 1870-1900 / Alastair J. Reid

11 – Labour and local politics: radicalism, democracy and social reform, 1880-1914 / Pat Thane

12 – Ideological debate in Edwardian Labour politics: radicalism, Revisionism and socialism / Duncan Tanner

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