Eve Rosenhaft. Beating the Fascists?

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Eve Rosenhaft. Beating the Fascists?: The German Communists and Political Violence 1929-1933.

Cambridge University Press, 1983.



1 – Introduction: Social crisis, radical politics and organized violence in Weimar Germany

2 – The Party, the neighbourhood and the uses of violence in the ‘Third Period’

3 – Defining the enemy: The wehrhafter Kampf against the SA in theory and propaganda

4 – Organizing the wehrhafter Kampf: The Communist defence formations

5 – Between ‘individual terror’ and ‘mass terror’: The campaign against the SA-taverns, 1931

6 – The shape of violence in the neighbourhoods

7 – Who were the streetfighters?

8 – Conclusion: Communist politics in the Weimar Republic

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