Fitzpatrick – Rabinowitch – Stites, eds. Russia in the Era of NEP.

Sheila Fitzpatrick – Alexander Rabinowitch – Richard Stites, editors. Russia in the Era of NEP. Explorations in Soviet Society and Culture.

Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991.

340 páginas.



I – Introduction: NEP Russia as a “Transitional” Society / William G. Rosenberg

II – The Problem of Class Identity in NEP Society / Sheila Fitzpatrick

III – Class and Consciousness in a Socialist Society: Workers in the Printing Trades during NEP / Diane P. Koenker

IV – Labor Conflict in Moscow, 1921-1925 / John B. Hatch

V – Workers’ Artels and Soviet Production Relations / Hiroaki Kuromiya

VI – Private Trade and Traders during NEP / Alan Ball

VII – Family Life in Moscow during NEP / R. E. Johnson

VIII – Working-Class Women and the “Withering Away” of the Family: Popular Responses to Family Policy / Wendy Z. Goldman

IX – “Razmychka?” Urban Unemploym ent and Peasant In-migration as Sources of Social Conflict / Douglas R. Weiner

X – Soldiers in the Proletarian Dictatorship: From Defending the Revolution to Building Socialism / Mark von Hagen

XI – Policing the NEP Countryside / Neil Weissman

XII – Insoluble Conflicts: Village Life between Revolution and Collectivization / Helmut Altrichter

XIII – The “Quiet Revolution” in Soviet Intellectual Life / Katerina Clark

XIV – The Press and Its Message: Images of America in the 1920s and 1930s / Jeffrey Brooks

XV – Popular Literature of the 1920s: Russian Peasants as Readers / Régine Robin

XVI – Popular Song in the NEP Era / Robert A. Rothstein

XVII – Bolshevik Ritual Building in the 1920s / Richard Stites

XVIII – Conclusion: Understanding NEP Society and Culture in the Light of New Research / William G. Rosenberg