Frederick Krantz, ed. History from Below.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Frederick Krantz, ed. History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology.

Oxford: B. Blackwell, 1988.



George Rudé and “History from Below” / F. Krantz


1 – History from Below – Some Reflections / E.J. Hobsbawm

2 – The Poor and the People in Seventeenth-Century England / Christopher Hill

3 – The Covenanters: A Problem of Creed and Class / V.G. Kiernan

4 – The State and Popular Sovereignty in French Political Thought: A Genealogy of Rousseau’s “General Will” / Ellen Meiksins Wood


5 – The Political Context of the Popular Movement in the French Revolution / George Comninel

6 – Jacquerie at Davenescourt in 1791: A Peasant Riot in the French Revolution / R.B. Rose

7 – A Philosophe in the French Revolution: Dominique-Joseph Garat and the Journal de Paris / William Murray

8 – The Curés Rouges of 1793 / Albert Soboul

9 – “Curés patriotes” and Sans-culottes in the Year II / Walter Markov

10 – In Defense of Slavery: Eighteenth-Century Opposition to Abolition and the Origins of a Racist Ideology in French / Pierre Boulle

11 – Black Peasants and Soldiers in the Saint-Dominique Revolution: Initial Reactions to Freedom in the South Privince (1793-94) / Carolyn Fick

12 – Concord and Discord in French Social Thought in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century / John Laffey


13 – Outlaws at Sea, 1660-1812: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity among the Caribbean Freebooters / J.S. Bromley

14 – Peasant, Worker, and National Rebellions: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Catalonia / Pierre Vilar

George Rudé: A Bibliography

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