George Rudé (1910-1993)

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George Rudé (1910-1993)

Revolutionary Europe, 1783-1815.

The French Revolution.

The Crowd in History. A Study of Popular Disturbances in France and England, 1730–1848.

The Crowd in the French Revolution.

Protest and Punishment: Story of the Social and Political Protesters Transported to Australia, 1788-1868.

Crime and Victim: Crime and Society in Early Nineteenth-century England.

Ideology and Popular Protest.

Hanoverian London, 1714-1808.

Europe in the 18th Century: Aristocracy and the Bourgeois Challenge.

Captain Swing: A Social History of the great English Agricultural Uprising of 1830 (con E. J. Hobsbawm).

Wilkes and Liberty.

Robespierre: Portrait of a Revolutionary Democrat.

Debate on Europe, 1815-1850.

Interpretations of the French Revolution.

The French Revolution: Its Causes, Its History and Its Legacy After 200 Years.

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