George Saunders (ed.) Samizdat: Voices of the Soviet Opposition.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

George Saunders (ed.) Samizdat: Voices of the Soviet Opposition.

New York: Monad Press, 1974, 465 páginas.


FOREWORD, by George Saunders

INTRODUCTION: Currents in the Soviet Opposition Movement, by George Saunders


Part I: From the Old Opposition to the New


Memoirs of a Bolshevik-Leninist

      The Twenties: Years of Inner-Party Struggle (and Actual Split)

      The Verkhne-Uralsk Isolation Prison for Political Offenders (1932-35)

      In the Vorkuta Concentration Camps on the Pechora River (1936-41)

      In Prisons and Camps, and at Hard Labor (Notes, Episodes and Recollections from the Forties and Fifties)

      Briussov Alley (Episodes from the Life of Yesenin)

Memoirs of Aleksandr a Chumakova

Trotskyists at Vorkuta (An Eyewitness Report), by M.B.

Vorkuta (1950-53): Oppositional Currents and the Mine Strikes, by Brigitte Gerland

On the Multiparty System

Who Killed Trotsky? by E. M.

Ballad of Disbelief (excerpts), by Vadim Delone

Forty-Three Children of Murdered Bolsheviks Protest Rehabilitation of Stalin

Part II: Grigorenko, Kosterin, and the Left Wing of the Movement (1966-69)


Why I Will Not Vote for Kosygin, by Pyotr Grigorenko

Persecution of Young Dissenters Is Adventurism, by Ivan Yakhimovich

The Thermidorians Fear the Truth, by Leonid Plyushch

We Know Many Communists Have Expressed Disapproval, by Twelve Soviet Protesters

I Will Remain a Bolshevik, by Aleksei Kosterin

The Funeral of Aleksei Kosterin

KGB — Organ of Caste Lawlessness, by Pyotr Origorenko

Leninism Yes! Stalinism No! by Ivan Yakhimovich

Appeal on Czechoslovakia, by Grigorenko and Yakhimovich

Appeal to the Soviet People on the Eve of Arrest, by Ivan Yakhimovich

My Friend and Comrade, Ivan Yakhimovich, by Pyotr Grigorenko

Diary from Prison (excerpts), by Pyotr Grigorenko

Official «Psychiatric Diagnosis» of Grigorenko: Serbsky Institute Report No. 59/S (excerpts)

Part III: Documents of the Protest Movement (1969 and After)

Initiative Group Appeal to the United Nations

Appeal to World Communist Conference in Moscow, by Ten Soviet Dissidents

Initiative Group Statement of Purposes

Political Prisoners in Mental Hospitals (excerpts)

Appeal to the Supreme Soviet, by Six Political Prisoners

For a Reversal of the Policy of Reprisals, by Yuri Galanskov

The New Processes Are Only Beginning, by Valentyn Moroz

Appeal for a Gradual Democratization, by Andrei Sakharov, Roy Medvedev, and Valery Turchin

Human Rights Committee Statement of Purposes

Opposition Organizations in Three Cities

Workers’Demonstration in Kiev

Ukrainsky Visnyk Statement of Principles

Ukrainian Journal Evaluates Russian Dissidents

Against Russification, by Seventeen Latvian Communists

Ukrainians Denounce Stalinist Practices

Opposition Activists Assess Yakir’s Arrest

Debate on Tactics

APPENDIX: Transitional Demands: The USSR and Problems of the Transitional Epoch, by Leon Trotsky

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