Georges Vereeken. La Guépéou dans le mouvement trotskiste.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Georges Vereeken. La Guépéou dans le mouvement trotskiste.

La Pensée universelle, 1975. 380 páginas.

Edición en inglés, The GPU in the Trotskyist Movement. Londres: New Park Publications, 1976.

Georges Vereeken (1896–1978)


1 Unmask this GPU agent!

2 Obin (Mill): a rough operator

3 Germany: the Well brothers and the beginning of the tragedy

4 Spain: the fall of the monarchy

5 The first crisis: Lacroix

6 The permanent crisis of the Communist League in France (The arrival of Zborowski)

7 Belgium: galloping opportunism

8 The rapid development of Nazi and Stalinist terror

9 Spain: July 1936

10 The GPU death machine 140 11 The Spanish Civil War

12 The short and heroic life of Irwin Wolf

13 The final break between the International Secretariat and the POUM

14 The rise of Degrelle and the state of panic

15 The criminal sabotage of Trotsky’s defence

16 May 1937: the murder of Nin and others

17 Rudolf Klement: an agent? Certainly a coward

18 Trotsky’s guard

19 Ramon Mercader

20 Results and sequels

21 Truth is revolutionary

Glossary of Names

Glossary of Organisations