Gerald Cohen. On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice.

Biblioteca / 2010-2021

Gerald Cohen. On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice, and Other Essays in Political Philosophy.

Princeton University Press, 2011. Editado por Michael Otsuka.

Gerald Cohen (1941-2009)


Editor’s Preface

Part One

Luck Egalitarianism

Chapter One

On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice

Chapter Two

Equality of What? On Welfare, Goods, and Capabilities

Afterword to Chapters One and Two

Chapter Three

Sen on Capability, Freedom, and Control

Chapter Four

Expensive Taste Rides Again

Chapter Five

Luck and Equality

Chapter Six

Fairness and Legitimacy in Justice, And: Does Option Luck Ever Preserve Justice?

Part Two

Freedom and Property

Chapter Seven

Capitalism, Freedom, and the Proletariat

Chapter Eight

Freedom and Money

Two Addenda to “Freedom and Money”

Part Three

Ideal Theory and Political Practice

Chapter Nine

Mind the Gap

Chapter Ten

Back to Socialist Basics

Chapter Eleven

How to Do Political Philosophy

Chapter Twelve

Rescuing Justice from Constructivism and Equality from the Basic Structure Restriction