Gilbert Achcar, editor. The Legacy of Ernest Mandel.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Gilbert Achcar, editor. The Legacy of Ernest Mandel.

Londres: Verso, 1999.

280 páginas.


Preface and Acknowledgements


The Marxism of Ernest Mandel

1 – Introduction. Ernest Mandel (1923-1995): An Intellectual Portrait / Gilbert Achcar

2 – The Unexpected Dialectic of Structural Reforms / Robin Blackburn

3 – Ernest Mandel’s Revolutionary Humanism / Michael Löwy

4 – Late Capitalism: Mandel’s Interpretation of Contemporary Capitalism / Jesús Albarracín – Pedro Montes

5 – After the Golden Age: On Late Capitalism / Michel Husson

6 – Ernest Mandel and the Pulsation of History / Francisco Louca

7 – Ernest Mandel and the Marxian Theory of Bureaucracy / Charles Post

8 – Mandel’s Views on the Transition to Socialism / Catherine Samary

9 – Marxists before the Holocaust: Trotsky, Deutscher, Mandel / Norman Geras


An Interview and Two Previously Unpublished Articles by Ernest Mandel

10 – The Luck of a Crazy Youth / Ernest Mandel interviewed by Tariq Ali

11 – Material, Social and Ideological Preconditions for the Nazi Genocide / Ernest Mandel

12 – Why I am a Marxist / Ernest Mandel

Ernest Mandel’s Book-Format Works in English

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