György Péteri. A Magyar Tanácsköztársaság iparirányítási rendszere.

György Péteri. A Magyar Tanácsköztársaság iparirányítási rendszere.

Budapest: Közgazdasági és Jogi Könyvkiadó, 1979.

Edición en inglés, Effects of World War I: War Communism in Hungary, 1919. Nueva York: Brooklyn College Press, 1984. Traducción: Julia Parti y Brian McLean. 230 páginas.


Preface to the Series

1 – Preparing for the Revolution in Industry

Economic Conditions after the First World War

Seeds of the New Hegemony

Program of Socialist Transformation

2 – Industrial Production Without Private Capital

Mechanism for Expropriating Capital

Extent of Nationalization

3 – Production, Employment, and Performance

Rationalization and Unemployment

Labor Performance in Decline

4 – The System of Industrial Management

The Sectoral Principle in the System of Central Management

Central Reallocation of Materials

Industrial Finance and Pricing Policy

Barter Economy: “The Natural Order of Things”

5 – Imperfect Centralization

Hungarian Glavkism in 1919

Regional Competition

6 – Microeconomics of War Communism

Economic Mechanism, Company Form, and Company Management

Conflict Between “Scientific Plant Management” and Workers’ Control

The Illegal Company