Henry Graff (ed.) American Imperialism and the Philippine Insurrection.

Biblioteca / 1960-1969

Henry Graff (ed.)  American Imperialism and the Philippine Insurrection: Testimony taken from Hearings on Affairs in the Philippine Islands before the Senate Committee on the Philippines, 1902.

Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1969.


1 – Was there a deal with Aguinaldo? / [testimony of] George Dewey, Robert P. Hughes, Ewell S. Otis

2 – Independence or what? / [testimony of] William Howard Taft, Ewell S. Otis, Arthur MacArthur, Robert P. Hughes

3 – Counter-insurgency / [testimony of] Robert P. Hughes, Charles S. Riley, Daniel J. Evans, William Howard Taft, Leroy E. Hallock, Arthur MacArthur, Arthur L. Wagner, Seiward J. Norton

4 – The Filipinos : their capacity for nation-building / [testimony of] Arthur MacArthur, Ewell S. Otis, William Howard Taft, David P. Barrows, A. Lester Hazlett.


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