Hillel Ticktin – Michael Cox, eds. The Ideas of Leon Trotsky.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Hillel Ticktin – Michael Cox, editors. The Ideas of Leon Trotsky.

Londres: Porcupine Press, 1995.

380 páginas.


The Ideas of Leon Trotsky / Hillel Ticktin and Michael Cox

Political Economy

Leon Trotsky and the ‘Russian Mode of Production’: The Political Economy of Taking Power in the Russian Empire / Hillel Ticktin

Leon Trotsky and the Social Forces Leading to Bureaucracy, 1923-29 / Hillel Ticktin

Leon Trotsky’s Political Economic Analysis of the USSR, 1929-40 / Hillel Ticktin

Leon Trotsky’s Political Economy of Capitalism / Hillel Ticktin

Politics, Philosophy and Culture

Lenin and Trotsky: A Question of Organisational Form? / Lynne Poole

Trotsky and the Party: From Our Political Tasks to the October Revolution / Antonio Carlo

Trotsky, the United States of Europe and National Self-Determination / Stephen Dabydeen

From the Logic of Hegel to the Finland Station in Petrograd / Michael Löwy

The Political Economy of Defeat: Leon Trotsky and the Problems of the Transitional Epoch / David Gorman

Literature and Revolution: Leon Trotsky’s Contributions to Marxist Cultural Theory and Literary Criticism / Alan Wald


The Left Opposition in 1923 / David Law

The Myth of the ‘Super-Industrialiser’: Trotsky’s Economic Policies in the 1920s / Richard Day

The Left Opposition Divided: The Trotsky-Serge Disputes / Susan Weissman

Debating Trotsky

The Revolutionary Betrayed: The New Left Review and Leon Trotsky / Michael Cox

Trotsky’s Misinterpreters and the Collapse of Stalinism / Michael Cox

How Not to Interpret Trotsky / David Law

How Not to Interpret Trotsky-Again / John Molyneux

Trotskyism and Trotsky: Pierre Broue as Biographer / Loren Goldner

Trotsky and the World Economy

Two Speeches on Developments in the World Economy / Leon Trotsky

On Party Education / Leon Trotsky

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