Hugh Thomas. Cuba. The Pursuit of Freedom.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Hugh Thomas. Cuba. The Pursuit of Freedom.

Nueva York: Harper & Row, 1971. 1750 páginas.

Edición en castellano, Cuba. La lucha por la libertad, 1762-1970. Barcelona: Grijalbo, 1973, 3 tomos.

Barcelona: Debate, 2011. Traducción: Neri Daurella.




With Albemarle to Havana, 1762

I – The English Expedition

II – The Spanish Colony

III – Sugar and Society

IV – The Victors and the Creoles

Book I

The Great Leap Forward, 1763-1825

V – Enter North America

VI – The Challenge of Haiti

VII – Rebellion in South America

VIII – The Ever-faithful Isle

Book II

The Golden Age, 1825-68

IX – The World of Sugar

X – Coffee

XI – The Planters

XII – The Slave Merchants

XIII – The Slaves

XIV – The Decline of Slavery

Book III

The Political Struggle, 1823-98

XV – Captains-General in Search of Wealth

XVI – The Politics of Abolitionism

XVII – Manifest Destiny

XVIII – Annexationism

XIX – Reformism

XX – The War of 1868: I

XXI – The War of 1868: II

XXII – The Spanish Counter-Revolution

XXIII – The Sugar Crisis of the 1880s

XXIV – The End of Slavery

XXV – José Martí

XXVI – The New America

XXVII – The War of 1895

XXVIII – General Weyler

XXIX – Cuba and U.S. Public Opinion

XXX – The Maine

XXXI – McKinley and the War

XXXII – The Spanish-American War

XXXIII – San Juan Hill and Santiago

XXXIV – End of Empire

Book IV

From Occupation to Occupation, 1899-1909

XXXV – Cuba Prostrate

XXXVI – The Proconsuls, I: General Brooke

XXXVII – The Proconsuls, II: General Wood

XXXVIII – The U.S. Stake in Cuba, 1899-1902

XXXIX – Don Tomás

XL – The Second Intervention: Magoon

Book V

The Young Republic, 1909-32

XLI – Cuba in 1909

XLII – Gómez and the Good Life

XLIII – The Negro Protest

XLIV – Menocal

XLV – Sugar, 1906-20

XLVI – The Dance of the Millions

XLVII – The Sugar Troubles of the 1920s

XLVIII – Zayas

XLIX – Machado: I

L – Machado: II

Book VI

The Revolution of 1933

LI – Sumner Welles

LII – The Fall of Machado

LIII – The Middle-Class Government

LIV – The Sergeants’ Revolution

LV – Grau’s Girondin Revolution

LVI – The Battle of the Hotel Nacional

LVII – The November Revolt

LVIII – The Counter-Revolution

Book VII

The Age of Democracy, 1934-52

LIX – Batista and the Puppet Presidents

LX – Batista and the Communists

LXI – The Constitution of 1940

LXII – Batista: the Democratic President

LXIII – Grau

LXIV – Prío ‘el Presidente de la Cordialidad’

LXV – The Fall of Prío


The Struggle, 1952-9

LXVI – Batista: II

LXVII – Fidel Castro: Childhood and Youth

LXVIII – Moncada: the Idea

LXIX – Moncada: the Fight

LXX – Indian Summer

LXXI – The Civic Dialogue

LXXII – Castro in Mexico

LXXIII – The Granma and the Sierra Maestra

LXXIV – Herbert Matthews goes to the Sierra

LXXV – The Attack on the Palace

LXXVI – War in the Sierra (March-May 1957)

LXXVII – The U.S. enters the Controversy

LXXVIII – Miami and Santiago

LXXIX – The Naval Mutiny at Cienfuegos

LXXX – The Arms Embargo

LXXXI – The Strike of 9 April

LXXXII – Batista’s ‘Big Push’ of May 1958

LXXXIII – The Collapse

LXXXIV – How Batista Fell

Book IX

Victory: L’lllusion Lyrique, 1959

LXXXV – Springs of Victory

LXXXVI – Castro and the Americas in 1959

LXXXVII – L’Illusion Lyrique

LXXXVIII – First Shadows

Book X

Old Cuba at Sunset

LXXXIX – The Island

XC – The Class Structure of Cuba

XCI – Black Cuba

XCII – The Church

XCIII – Education

XCIV – Sugar

XCV – Tobacco and other Industries

XCVI – The Economy: Labour

XCVII – The Economy: the Central Neurosis

Book XI

The Clash, 1959-62

XCVIII – Castro in America

XCIX – Agrarian Reform: Politics and Crisis

C – The Eclipse of the Liberals

CI – A Sword is Drawn

CII – The End of Capitalist Cuba

CIII – The U.S. Prepares for Battle

CIV – Cuba Socialista: I

CV – Cuba Socialista: II

CVI – Battle of Cochinos Bay

CVII – Between the Crises

CVIII – The Missile Crisis: I

CIX – The Missile Crisis: II

CX – The Missile Crisis: III


CXI – The Utopians

CXII – The ‘Ten Million Ton Harvest’ and its Implications

CXIII – The New Men

CXIV – The Guardians

CXV – New Friends and Old

CXVI – The Pursuit of Freedom


I – The Cuban Oligarchy

II – Cuban Governors and Presidents

III – Who were the Cuban Indians?

IV – Kennion’s Slave Concession

V – Estimated Cuban Slave Imports

VI – Outfit of a Slave Ship, 1825

VII – Slave Ships from Havana, 1825

VIII – Affidavit of Lieutenant Nott

IX – Chinese Imports to Cuba, 1847-73

X – The Last Slave Journey across the Atlantic, 1865

XI – The Attack on Moncada and Bayamo

XII – The State of Agriculture in 1959

XIII – Cuban and World Sugar Production, 1770-1970

XIV – World Raw Sugar Prices, 1900-1962

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