I.W.W. Songs to fan the flames of discontent.

Biblioteca / 1910-1919

Industrial Workers of the World. Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent.

Seattle, Washington: Seattle Locals, I.W.W., 1913.

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Nearer My Job to Thee

Master, Beware!

In the Cold Old Winter Time

Casey Jones

The Red Flag

The International

The Banner of Labor

Should I Ever Be a Soldier

The Marseillaise

Hark! The Battle Cry Is Ringing

A Song for the Wage Slaves

What We Want

The Roll Call

My Wandering Boy

Coffee And

The Hope of the Ages

Down in the Old, Dark Mill

Workingmen Unite

That Old Red Button

Scissor Bill

Mr. Block

Stand Up, Ye Workers

They Are All Fighters

Wage Workers, Come Join the Union

A Dream

Stung Right

The Bone Head Working Man

The Old Toilers’ Message

Oh, Working Men

The Preacher and the Slave

There Is Power in a Union

A Parody on J. D.

Song of the “Scissorbill”

Walking on the Grass

It is the Union

The Girl Question

The White Slave

Everybody’s Joining It

We Are the Only Union

We Will Sing One Song

Workers of the World, Unite

Ship Out

The Blanket Stiff

Out in the Bread Line

Where the Fraser River Flows

Might Is Right

Unite! Unite!

The Tramp

Come and Get Wise

Hold the Fort