Ian Kershaw – Moshe Lewin, eds. Stalinism and Nazism.

Ian Kershaw – Moshe Lewin, editors. Stalinism and Nazism. Dictatorships in Comparison.

Cambridge University Press, 1997.

380 páginas.



Introduction: The regimes and their dictators: perspectives of comparison / IAN KERSHAW and MOSHE LEWIN

1 – Stalin and his Stalinism: power and authority in the Soviet Union, 1930-53 / RONALD GRIGOR SUNY

2 – Bureaucracy and the Stalinist state / MOSHE LEWIN

3 – Cumulative radicalisation and progressive self-destruction as structural determinants of the Nazi dictatorship / HANS MOMMSEN

4 – ‘Working towards the Fuhrer’: reflections on the nature of the Hitler dictatorship / IAN KERSHAW

5 – Stalin in the mirror of the other / MOSHE LEWIN

6 – The contradictions of continuous revolution / MICHAEL MANN

7 – From Blitzkrieg to total war: controversial links between image and reality / OMAR BARTOV

8 – Stalin, the Red Army, and the ‘Great Patriotic War’ / BERND BONWETSCH

9 – The economics of war in the Soviet Union during World War II / JACQUES SAPIR

10 – From ‘Great Fatherland War’ to the Second World War: new perspectives and future prospects / MARK VON HAGEN

11 – German exceptionalism and the origins of Nazism: the career of a concept / GEORGE STEINMETZ

12 – Stalinism and the politics of post-Soviet history / MARK VON HAGEN

13 – Work, gender and everyday life: reflections on continuity, normality and agency in twentieth-century Germany / MARY NOLAN

Afterthoughts / IAN KERSHAW and MOSHE LEWIN