Isaac Deutscher. Marxism, Wars and Revolutions.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Isaac Deutscher. Marxism, Wars and Revolutions. Essays from Four Decades.

Editado por Tamara Deutscher.

Londres: Verso, 1984.

315 páginas.

Isaac Deutscher (1907–1967)


Preface / Perry Anderson

Introduction / Tamara Deutscher

I – The USSR

The Moscow Trial

22 June 1941

Reflections on the Russian Problem

Two Revolutions

II – Cold War

The Ex-Communist’s Conscience

‘1984’ – The Mysticism of Cruelty

The Cold War in Perspective

III – Europe

The Tragedy of the Polish Communist Party

An Open Letter to Wladyslaw Gomulka

Dialogue with Heinrich Brandler

Conversation with Trygve Lie

IV – China

Maoism – Its Origins and Outlook

The Meaning of the ‘Cultural Revolution’

V – Marxism and Our Time

The Roots of Bureaucracy

Marxism in Our Time

Violence and Non-Violence

On Socialist Man

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