J. Brown. A Socioeconomic History of Argentina, 1776-1860.

Biblioteca /  1970-1979

Jonathan Brown. A Socioeconomic History of Argentina, 1776-1860.

Cambridge University Press, 1979.

300 páginas.



Introduction: Argentina in the era of traditional technology

1 – Silver and contraband in the colonial Rio de la Plata

2 – Buenos Aires in the Golden Age: the viceregal economy

3 – Industrial markets for Argentine raw materials

4 – Buenos Aires as outpost of world trade

5 – Buenos Aires as emporium of regional trade and processing

6 – Expanding the frontiers of production on the pampa

7 – Expansion of pastoral society on the pampa

8 – Formation of the Anchorena cattle business

9 – Depression and renaissance of commerce in the Interior provinces

Conclusion: the arrival of modern technology

Appendix A: Conversion tables

Appendix B: The districts of the province of Buenos Aires and the zones of production, 1838 and 1854

Selected bibliography

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