J. Petras – M. Morley. How Allende Fell.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

James Petras – Morris Morley. How Allende Fell. A Study in U.S.-Chilean Relations.

Spokesman Books, 1974.

135 páginas.



I – The U.S. Role in Chile 1964-1970

II – U.S. Policy and the Election of Allende: September-November 1970

III – The National Security Council and the Initial U.S. Response to Allende

IV – The Brazilian and Peruvian Alternatives

V – U.S. Foreign Economic Policy and the Blockade of Chile

VI – Copper Conflict and the Embargo

VII – The Politics of the Foreign Debt

VIII – U.S. Military Activity, the Coup and the Military Regime

IX – Conclusion

X – Epilogue

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