James DeFronzo, ed. Revolutionary Movements in World History.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

James DeFronzo, editor. Revolutionary Movements in World History. From 1750 to the Present.

Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2006.

1290 páginas.






A–G Entries

Afghanistan: Conflict and Civil War

African American Freedom Struggle

Algerian Islamic Revolt Algerian Revolution

American Revolution

Anarchism, Communism, and Socialism

Angolan Revolution

Arab Revolt

Armed Forces, Revolution, and Counter-Revolution

Bangladesh Revolution

Cambodian Revolution

Chechen Revolt against Russia

Chilean Socialist Revolution, Counter-Revolution, and the Restoration of Democracy

Chinese 1989 Democracy Movement

Chinese Revolution

Cinema of Revolution

Colombian Armed

Conflict Colonialism, Anti-Colonialism, and Neo-Colonialism

Congo Revolution

Cuban Revolution

Democracy, Dictatorship, and Fascism

Documentaries of Revolution

East European Revolutions of 1989

East Timor Independence Movement

Egyptian Revolution of 1952

Elites, Intellectuals, and Revolutionary Leadership

Ethiopian Revolution

Ethnic and Racial Conflict: From Bargaining to Violence

European Revolutions of 1848

French Revolution

Ghana’s Independence Revolution: De-Colonizing the Model Colony

Greek Civil War

Guatemalan Democratic Revolution, Counter-Revolution, and Restoration of Democracy

Guerrilla Warfare and Revolution

Guinea-Bissau: Revolution and Independence






H–P Entries

Haiti’s Democratic Revolution

Haitian Independence Revolution

Human Rights, Morality, Social Justice, and Revolution

Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Ideology, Propaganda, and Revolution

Indian Independence Movement

Indonesian Counter-Revolution

Indonesian Independence Revolution

Inequality, Class, and Revolution

Iranian Revolution

Iraq Revolution

Irish Revolution

Islamic Fundamentalist Revolutionary Movement

Italian Fascist Revolution

Italian Risorgimento

Japanese New Order Movement

Kenyan Mau Mau Rebellion

Korean Civil War

Kurdish Movements

Lao Communist Revolution

Libyan Revolution

Literature and Modern Revolution

Malayan Rebellion

Mexican Revolution

Millenarianism, Religion, and Revolution

Mozambique Revolution

Music and Revolution

Nationalism and Revolution

Nazi Revolution: Politics and Racial Hierarchy

Nicaraguan Revolution

Pakistan Independence and the Partition of India

Palestinian Movement

Paris Commune of 1871

Peruvian Shining Path

Philippine Huks and the New People’s Army

Philippine Independence Revolution and Wars

Philippine Muslim Separatist Rebellions

Philippines: The ‘People Power’ Revolution of 1986

Polish Solidarity Movement

Population, Economic Development, and Revolution






R–Z Entries

Reform, Rebellion, Civil War, Coup D’état, and Revolution

Russian Revolution of 1917

Russian Revolution of 1991 and the Dissolution of the U.S.S.R.

Rwanda Civil Wars

Salvadoran Revolution

Slave Rebellions in the United States

South African Revolution

South Korean Democracy Movement

Spanish American Revolutions of Independence

Spanish Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Sri Lankan Conflict

Student And Youth Movements, Activism and Revolution

Taiping Revolution


Theories of Revolutions

Transnational Revolutionary Movements

Trends in Revolution

Turkish Revolutions of 1908 and 1919–1923

U.S. Southern Secessionist Rebellion and Civil War

Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution of Hugo Chávez

Vietnamese Revolution War and Revolution

Women and Revolution

Women’s Movement of the United States

Yugoslav Communist Revolution

Yugoslavia: Dissolution

Zapatista Movement

Zimbabwean Revolution

Zionist Revolution and the State of Israel

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