James Epstein. Feargus O’Connor and the Chartist Movement, 1832-1842.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

James Epstein. The Lion of Freedom. Feargus O’Connor and the Chartist Movement, 1832-1842. 

Londres: Croom Helm, 1982.

xii, 327 páginas.



1 – The Roots of Leadership: 1832-1837

Radical Member of Parliament: 1832-1835

The Oldham By-Election: O’Connor’s ‘English Political Birthplace’

London Radicalism

Northern Radicalism

O’Connor, O’Connell and the English Radicals

The Central National Association and the London Working Men’s Association

2 – The Northern Star

The Establishment of the Northern Star

The ‘People’s Paper and the Chartist Movement

3 – The Coming Together of Chartism: 1838

The Demagogue

The Coming Together of Chartism

The Birth of the Chartist Platform

Moral Force/Physical Force

4 – The Quest for Working-Class Power: The National Convention of 1839

5 – The Risings and After

6 – The People’s Champion and the People’s Party

The Caged Lion

The National Charter Association and the Reorganisation of Chartism

The Question of Chartist Direction, Unity and Democratic Leadership

The Promised Land

7 – The Middle-Class Challenge and Chartist Strategy

The Middle-Class Embrace: 1840-1841

The 1841 General Election

The Crisis of 1842


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