James P. Cannon. Notebook of an Agitator.

Biblioteca /  1950-1959

James P. Cannon. Notebook of an Agitator. From the Wobblies to the Fight against the Korean War and McCarthyism. 

Nueva York: Pioneer Publishers, 1958.

2da edición, Nueva York: Pathfinder Press, 1973. 3ra edición, 1993. Reimpresión, 2001.

462 páginas.


Preface to the first edition / Joseph Hansen

Part 1: International Labor Defense, 1926-1928

For Sacco and Vanzetti

With all our strength for Sacco and Vanzetti!

Who can save Sacco and Vanzetti?

The international campaign for Sacco and Vanzetti

From the Supreme Court of the capitalists to the supreme court of the laboring masses

A speech for Sacco and Vanzetti

Death, commutation or freedom?

No illusions!

New developments – new dangers

Class against class in the Sacco and Vanzetti case

The murder of Sacco and Vanzetti

A living monument to Sacco and Vanzetti


Frank Little

The cause that passes through a prison

The second annual conference of the International Labor Defense

Eugene V. Debs

C.E. Ruthenberg

The cause of the martyrs

A Christmas fund of our own

William D. Haywood

Tom Mooney’s appeal

A visit with Billings at Folsom Prison

A talk with the Centralia prisoners

Part 2: Minneapolis, 1934

Strike call of Local 574

«… If it takes all summer»

Eternal vigilance

Spilling the dirt – a bughouse fable

Drivers’ strike reveals workers’ great resources

Thanks to Pine County farmers

The secret of Local 574

What the union means

Part 3: San Francisco, 1936-1937

Is everybody happy?

The maritime strike

In the spirit of the pioneers

Deeper into the unions

The color of arsenic – and just as poisonous

Four days that shook the waterfront

The champion from far away

After the maritime strike

Part 4: New York City, 1940-1952

Bandiera Rossa

Union boy gets raise

Finland and Greece

Good-by, Tom Mooney!

The tribe of the Philistines

A letter to Elizabeth

What do they know about Jesus?

Think it over, Mr. Dubinsky

The lynching of «Monsieur Verdoux»

The mad dog of the labor movement

The treason of the intellectuals

A blood transfusion

Farewell to a socialist pioneer

A rift in the iron curtain

The two Americas

Sixtieth birthday speech

The Korean War

A letter to the president and members of the Congress

Second letter to the president and members of the Congress

Third letter to the president and members of the Congress

The Big Wheel

1 – The mind molders at work

2 – The men who mold people’s minds

3 – What is a man profited?

4 – The writer and the people


To the men who gave their skin

A welcome to visiting preachers

What goes on here?

Barbary Shore

The incident at Little Rock

From Karl Marx to the Fourth of July

The Stalinist ideology

1 – Back in the packing house

2 – The art of lying

3 – The importance of loving Stalin

4 – The bureaucratic mentality

5 – The revolutionist and the bureaucrat

The importance of justice

1 – Speaking of trials and confessions

2 – The matter of justice

3 – The dirt on their own doorstep

4 – Justice in the U.S.A.

The prize fighters

1 – Murder in the Garden

2 – A dead man’s decision

Crime and criminals

1 – A petition for Harry Gross

2 – Crime and politics

3 – They strain at a gnat

4 – The big swindle

The Catholic Church

1 – From Hollywood to Rome

2 – Church and state

3 – The Protestant counter-attack

Stalinists and unionists

1 – Some chickens come home to roost

2 – A trade-union episode

3 – The tragic story

Whittaker Chambers’ revelation

1 – The informer as hero

2 – False witness

3 – The informer’s message


Tentative action on the civil rights front

The battle of Koje Island

The doctor’s dilemma

Labor and foreign policy

How we won Grace Carlson and how we lost her

Part 5: Los Angeles, 1954

The case of the legless veteran

The irrepressible conflict

In honor of Laura Gray

Notes for a historian

Fascism and the workers’ movement

1 – Notes on American fascism

2 – Perspectives of American fascism

3 – First principles in the struggle against fascism

4 – A new Declaration of Independence

5 – Fascism and the Labor Party

6 – Implications of the Labor Party