John Bellamy Foster – Paul Burkett. Marx and the Earth. An Anti-Critique.

John Bellamy Foster – Paul Burkett. Marx and the Earth. An Anti-Critique.

Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2016.

310 páginas.




‎Three Stages of Ecosocialist Analysis

‎The Debate on Marx and Ecology a Decade and a Half Later

Marx’s ‘Major Ecological Flaw’: The Tanuro Thesis

‎Marx and the Foreshortening of Intrinsic Value: The Kovel Thesis

Marx, Aesthetics, and the Sensuous Value of Nature

1 – The Dialectic of Organic and Inorganic Relations

‎The Critique of ‘Marx’s Inorganic Body’

The Organic/Inorganic Distinction and Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature

‎Marx’s Dialectic of Organic/Inorganic: The Conditions of Human Existence

The Ecological Transformation of Marx’s Nature-Dialectic

‎Instrumentalism and Teleology: Contradictions in the Ecological Critique of Marx

‎Toward Ecological Materialism

2 – The Origins of Ecological Economics: Podolinsky and Marx-Engels

‎Podolinsky: Life and Work

Development of Podolinsky’s Project

‎Accumulation of Energy on Earth

‎Problems with the Quantitative Energy Accumulation Approach

Podolinsky’s Analysis as a Basis for Value Theory

Value and Nature: Marx and Sieber versus Podolinsky

‎Podolinsky’s Perfect Machine Argument

‎Shortcomings of the Perfect Machine Perspective

‎Marx’s Notes on Podolinsky

‎Engels’s Comments on Podolinsky

‎Elaborations in Die Neue Zeit


3 – Classical Marxism and Energetics


Labour Power and its Value

‎Energy and Surplus Value

‎Capitalist Industrialisation and Thermodynamics in Marx’s Capital

‎Entropy and the Metabolic Rift

4 – Engels, Entropy, and the Heat Death Hypothesis


The Second Law and the Heat Death of the Universe

‎The Heat Death Hypothesis and Nineteenth-Century Physics

Marxism, the Entropy Law, and Ecology

‎Conclusion: The Dialectics of Nature and Society and the Second Law

5 – The Reproduction of Economy and Society


Ecological Economists on Marx’s Reproduction Schemes

Production and Circular Flows in the tableau économique

Marx on the tableau économique

Production, Nature and Monetary Flows in Marx’s Schemes

The Analytical Background for Marx’s Schemes

The Reproduction Schemes and Environmental Crises


Conclusion: Marx and Metabolic Restoration

Marx’s Ecology after Marx (and after Engels)

Marx, Metabolism, and Open-System Economics

Against Energeticism

Metabolic Restoration: Toward Sustainable Human Development

Appendix 1: Sergei Podolinsky, ‘Socialism and the Unity of Physical Forces’ (Translated from the Italian)

Appendix 2: Sergei Podolinsky, ‘Human Labour and the Unity of Force’ (Translated from the German)