John Hall, ed. Reworking Class.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

John Hall, ed. Reworking Class.

Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1997.

400 páginas.


Foreword / Patrick Joyce


The Reworking of Class Analysis / John R. Hall


Changing Cultures of Class Analysis

1 – Rethinking, Once Again, the Concept of Class Structure / Erik Olin Wright

2 – Deconstructing and Reconstructing Class Formation Theory: Narrativity, Relational Analysis, and Social Theory / Margaret R. Somers

3 – Statistical Classifications and the Salience of Social Class / Michael Donnelly

4 – Class Formation and the Quintessential Worker / Sonya O. Rose


Cultural Structurings of Class Identities

5 – Work and Culture in the Reception of Class Ideologies / Richard Biernacki

6 – The Meaning of Class and Race: French and American Workers Discuss Differences / Michele Lamont

7 – Rethinking Cultural and Economic Capital / Jan C. C. Rupp

8 – Cannery Row: Class, Community, and the Social Construction of History / John Walton


The Economic, the Social, and the Political Agencies of Class

9 – World of Capital / Worlds of Labor: A Global Perspective / Dale Tomich

10 – Class Location versus Market Interests in Macropolitical Behavior: The Social Origins of the German Nazi Party / William Brustein

11 – Social Class and the Reemergence of the Radical Right in Contemporary Germany / George Steinmetz

12 – Class Analysis and Social Movements: A Critique and Reformulation / J. Craig Jenkins – Kevin Leicht