John Riddell (ed.) To See the Dawn. Baku, 1920.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

John Riddell (ed.) To See the Dawn. Baku, 1920: First Congress of the Peoples of the East.

Nueva York: Pathfinder Press, 1993.




Call to the Baku congress


Opening rally

Session 1. Tasks of the Congress of the Peoples of the East

Session 2. World political situation

Session 3. Discussion: Turkestan, Mountain republic

Session 4. Guest speakers; India; Turkey

Session 5. National and colonial questions

Session 6. Soviets in the East; agrarian question

Session 7. Council for Propaganda and Action; women of the East; concluding remarks

Manifestó to the peoples of the East

Appeal to the workers of Europe, America, and Japan

Composition of the congress


1 – Declaration of Soviet government on rights of peoples of Russia

2 – Appeal to all toiling Muslims of Russia and the East

3 – Address to the Second All-Russia Congress of Communist Organizations of the Peoples of the East

4 – Theses on the national and colonial questions

5 – A new world

6 – Workers of Armenia have cemented an Alliance with toiling Azerbaijan

7 – Zionism: an exchange of views at the Baku congress

8 – Correcting abuses of Soviet power in Asia

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