Joseph Dacus. Annals of the Great Strikes in the United States.

Joseph Dacus. Annals of the Great Strikes in the United States. A reliable history and graphic description of the causes and thrilling events of the labor strikes and riots of 1877.

Chicago: L.T. Palmer, 1877.

480 páginas.


I – Relations Betwen Capital and Labor

II – Strike on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

III – A Day of Dread

IV – Culmination of the Crisis

V – Riot and Ruin

VI – The Tocsin Sounds in Baltimore

VII – The Internationalists

VIII – The Reign of Anarchy

IX – The Trouble in Pennsylvania

X – A Night of Terror at Pittsburgh

XI – Given Over to Pillage

XII – General Movements in Pennsylvania

XIII – The Tumult at Buffalo

XIV – The Federal Administration

XV – Affairs in Philadelphia

XVI – The Strike on the Erie Railroad

XVII – Reckless Slaughter at Reading

XVIII – Jersey Trainmen

XIX – New York Agitated

XX – Away from the Metropolis

XXI – Onward Through Ohio

XXII – Insolence in Indiana

XXIII – Chances for Chicago

XXIV – Pistols and Clubs

XXV – Anxious Days Elsewhere in Illinois

XXVI – Blockade of the Great Bridge

XXVII – Demonstrations in St. Louis

XXVIII – «The Storming of Schuler’s Hall»

XXIX – Minor Incidents of the Missouri Strikes

XXX – San Francisco’s Problem

XXXI – The South and the Strikes

XXXII – Minor Developments of the Strikes