Joyce Marlow. The Tolpuddle Martyrs.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Joyce Marlow. The Tolpuddle Martyrs.

Londres: André Deutsch, 1971.

320 páginas.


1 – ‘Respecting the Characters etc. of the Six Men’

2 – ‘How Do You Live upon Half a Crown a Week?’

3 – ‘A Kind of Agricultural Savings Bank’

4 – ‘The Nobs of Old England’

5 – ‘I Hope You Have a Complete Case for Conviction’

6 – ‘An Act for the More Effectually Preventing the Administering of Unlawful Oaths’

7 – ‘Within the Letter and Legal Spirit of the Law’

8 – ‘An Easy Migration to a Milder Climate’

9 – ‘Refusal of Billy Guelph to Pardon the Unionists’

10 – ‘Labour Put Its Hat upon Its Head and Walked towards the Throne’

11 – ‘In Short the Convict Is, Properly Speaking, a Slave?’

12 – ‘The Great Gaol to the Empire’

13 – ‘The Question of the Dorchester Labourers Is Not Finally Disposed Of’

14 – ‘The Real Difficulty Raised by the Act 2nd and 3rd William IV c. 62’

15 – ‘His Majesty Has Been Pleased to Grant a Free Pardon’

16 – ‘The Poor Dorsetshire Labourers Restored to Their Cottages’

17 – ‘They that Sow in Tears, Shall Reap in Joy’

18 – ‘The Land Big Enough to Make a Lark a Sod’

19 – ‘We Raise the Watch-Word Liberty’

Epilogue: ‘Freedom! Georgeous Is the Dawn’

Notes and Sources