Jürgen Schmidt. August Bebel.

Biblioteca / 2010-2021

Jürgen Schmidt. August Bebel. Social Democracy and the Founding of the Labour Movement.

Londres/Nueva York: Tauris, 2019. Traducción: Christine Brocks.

Edición alemana, August Bebel: Kaiser der Arbeiter. Rotpunktverlag, Zürich, 2013.


Preface and Acknowledgements


1 – On the Edge of the Lower Class: Poor and Yet Privileged

2 – Artisan and Entrepreneur: A Success Story

3 – The Path into Politics: ‘Who is That Man with Such an Appearance?’

4 – A Life for Politics: ‘Taking the Bull by the Horns’

     1867–1872: Bebel develops his talents

     1872–1884/9: The dangerous member of the Reichstag

5 – Family, Friends and Everyday Life: The Private Side to Bebel

6 – Politics as a Vocation: ‘One is No More than a Hackney’

7 – Politics until Death: Battles of Words and War Prophecy

8 – ‘Anti-Emperor of the Masses’: Worshipping a Hero?



Dramatis Personae

Glossary of Associations and Parties at Local, National and International Level

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