Keil – Jentz, eds. German Workers in Industrial Chicago, 1850-1910.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Hartmut Keil – John Jentz, eds. German Workers in Industrial Chicago, 1850-1910: A Comparative Perspective.

DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1983. 270 páginas.


Introduction / H. Keil – J. Jentz

1 – German Immigrant Workers and Their Place in American Urban Society

Chicago’s German Working Class in 1900 / H. Keil

Occupational Patterns of German-American in Nineteenth-Century Cities / Nora Faires

Industrialization, Class, and Competing Cultural Systems: Detroit Workers, 1875-1900 / R. Oestreicher

2 – Industrialization and the Transformation of Work

Skilled Workers and Industrialization: Chicago´s German Cabinetmakers and Machinists, 1880-1900 / J. Jentz

Ethnicity in the Formation of the Chicago Carpenters Union: 1855-1890 / Thomas Suhrbur

Immigrant Workers in Early Mass Production Industry: Work Rationalization and Job Control Conflicts in Chicago’s Packinghouses, 1900-1904 / James Barrett

3 – Neighborhood and Everyday Life

Chicago’s German North Side, 1880-1900: The Structure of a Gilded Age Ethnic Neighborhood / Christiane Harzig

“For Whom Are All the Godd Things in Life? German-American Housewives Discuss Their Budges / Dorothee Schneider

4 – Politics and Culture

Free Soil, Free Labor, and Freimänner: German Chicago in the Civil War Era / Bruce Levine

Class Conflict, Municipal Politics, and Governmental Reform in Gilded Age Chicago, 1871-1875 / Richard Schneirov

German Radicals in Industrial America: The Lehr- und Wehr-Verein in Gilded Age Chicago / Paul Buhle

German Working-Class Culture in Chicago: Continuity and Change in the Decade from 1900 to 1910 / K. Ensslen – H. Ickstadt

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