Kevin Mattson. Intellectuals in Action.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Kevin Mattson. Intellectuals in Action. The Origins of the New Left and Radical Liberalism, 1945–1970.

Pennsylvania State University Press, 2002. 300 páginas.


Introduction: Why Go Back?

1 – A Preface to the politics of Intellectual Life in Postwar America: The Possibility of New Left Beginnings

2 – The Godfather, C. Wright Mills: The Intellectual as Agent

3 – Paul Goodman, Anarchist Reformer: The Politics of Decentralization

4 – William Appleman Williams, Republican Leftist: History as Political Lesson

5 – Arnold Kaufman, Radical Liberal: Liberalism Rediscovered

6 – Studies on the Left and New University Thought: Lessons Learned and Disintegrations

Conclusion: Lost Causes, Radical Liberalism, and the Future

Selected Bibliography