Kevin McDermott. Stalin: Revolutionary in an Era of War.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009 

Kevin McDermott. Stalin: Revolutionary in an Era of War. 

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

xiii, 219 páginas.



Stalin: Interpretations, Models and Personality

Interpretations and Issues

‘War-Revolution Model’ Stalin’s Personality

1 – Revolutionary

The Young Dzhugashvili

The Revolutionary Underground

Sources of Stalin’s Marxism and Social Identity

Stalin and Lenin

Stalin in 1917

Stalin in the Civil War

2 – Oligarch

Stalin as General Secretary

Stalin, Trotsky and the ‘United Opposition’

Stalin, Bukharin and the ‘Right Opposition’

Stalin, the Opposition and the New Economic Policy

Stalin and ‘Socialism in One Country’

Why Stalin?

3 – Moderniser

Stalin, Collectivisation and Famine

Stalin and Rapid Industrialisation

Stalin, Cultural Revolution and the ‘Great Retreat’

Stalin and the National Question

Stalin as Moderniser?

4 – Dictator

From Chief Oligarch to Dictator

Stalin’s ‘Class War’ Mentality

Terror: The Primacy of Stalin

Terror: Social and National Dimensions

Terror: Motivations and Outcomes

The Limits of Tyranny

The Stalin Cult

5 – Warlord

Stalin’s Foreign Policy and the Road to War

Stalin and Operation Barbarossa

Stalin as Warlord

Stalin and the Home Front

6 – Statesman

Stalin’s Power under ‘High Stalinism’

Stalin as Intellectual

Stalin and the Comintern

Stalin and the Cold War

Stalin and the ‘Paradigm of Death’


Stalin: Revolutionary in an Era of War

Stalin and the ‘War-Revolution Model’

Stalin: A ‘Weak Dictator’?

Stalin’s Legacy