Kohei Saito, ed. Reexamining Engels’s Legacy in the 21st Century.

Biblioteca / 2020-2029

Kohei Saito, editor. Reexamining Engels’s Legacy in the 21st Century.

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

270 páginas.



Part I

Engels and Class

1 – Engels’s Condition of the Working Class in England in the Context of Its Time (1845–1892) / Regina Roth

2 – The Theory of Class Struggle in the Peasant War in Germany / Ryuji Sasaki

Part II

Engels and Philosophy

3 – Engels, Thinking and Being / Tom Rockmore

4 – Engels’s Conception of Dialectics in the Plan 1878 of Dialectics of Nature / Kaan Kangal

Part III

Engels and Crisis

5 – Engels’s Theory of Economic Crisis / Timm Graßmann

6 – Metabolism, Crisis, and Elasticity / Kohei Saito

7 – Engels’s Concept of Alternatives to Capitalism / Seongjin Jeong

Part IV

Engels at the Margins

8 – Engels as an Ecologist / Camilla Royle

9 – Engels and Gender / Heather A. Brown

10 – Engels and the Irish Question: Rethinking the Relationship between the Peasants and Socialism / Soichiro Sumida

11 – Engels’s Legacy to Anthropology / Thomas C. Patterson


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