Kruks – Rapp – Young, eds. Women in the Transition to Socialism.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Sonia Kruks – Rayna Rapp – Marilyn Young, eds. Promissory Notes. Women in the Transition to Socialism.

Nueva York: Monthly Review Press, 1989.

380 páginas.


Introduction / Sonia Kruks, Rayna Rapp, and Marilyn B. Young

Part 1

The European Heritage

Marxism and the “Woman Question” / Joan B. Landes

In the Shadow of the Comintern: The Communist Womens Movement, 1920-43 / Elizabeth Waters

Part 2

The First Experiments

Women, the Family, and the New Revolutionary Order in the Soviet Union / Wendy Zeva Goldman

Gender, Politics, and Patriarchy in China: The Experiences of Early Women Communists, 1920-27 / Christina Gilmartin

Part 3

The “Woman Question” in Third World Revolutions

The “Woman Question” in Cuba: An Analysis of Material Constraints on Its Resolution / Muriel Nazzari

Womens Role in the Nicaraguan Revolutionary Process: The Early Years / Maxine D. Molyneux

Ambiguous Transformations: Women, Politics, and Production in Mozambique / Sonia Kruks and Ben Wisner

Vietnam: War, Socialism, and the Politics of Gender Relations / Christine Pelzer White

Legal Reform and Socialist Revolution in South Yemen: Women and the Family / Maxine D. Molyneux

Democratic Centralism in the Home and the World: Bengali Women and the Communist Movement / Amrita Basu

Chicken Little in China: Women After the Cultural Revolution / Marilyn B. Young

Part 4

Women in Industrialized Socialist Regimes

The “Woman Question” in the Contemporary Soviet Union / Mary Buckley

Socialist Emancipation: The Womens Movement in the German Democratic Republic / Barbara Einhorn

Biographies of Liberation: Testimonials to Labor in Socialist Hungary / Martha Lampland

Part 5

Roundtable: Toward a Feminist Socialism?

Capitalism and Socialism: Some Feminist Questions / Lourdes Benería

Reflections on a Politics of Difference / Zillah Eisenstein

Third World Revolution and First World Feminism: Toward a Dialogue / Delia D. Aguilar

On Promissory Notes / Christine Pelzer White

Of Dogma, Dicta, and Washing Machines: Women in the Peoples Republic of China / Delia Davin

Some Thoughts on the Left and the “Woman Question” in South Asia / Kumari Jayawardena

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