Lars Lih. Lenin Rediscovered: What Is To Be Done? in Context.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Lars T. Lih. Lenin Rediscovered: What Is to Be Done? in Context.

Leiden: Brill, 2005.

Chicago: Haymarket, 2008.




Part I


1 – ‘The Merger of Socialism and the Worker Movement’

2 – A Russian Erfurtian

3 – The Iskra Period

Part II

Lenin’s Significant Others

4 – Russian Foes of Erfurtianism

5 – A Feud Within Russian Erfurtianism

6 – The Purposive Worker and the Spread of Awareness

Part III

The World of What Is to Be Done?

7 – Lenin’s Erfurtian Drama

8 – The Organisational Question: Lenin and the Underground

9 – After the Second Congress


Annotations Part One: Section Analysis

Annotations Part Two: Scandalous Passages


Note on the Translation

Lenin’s What Is to Be Done?


Chapter I: Dogmatism and ‘Freedom of Criticism’

Chapter II: The Stikhiinost of the Masses and the Purposiveness of Social Democracy

Chapter III: Tred-iunionist Politics and Social-Democratic Politics

Chapter IV: The Artisanal Limitations of the Economists and the Organisation of Revolutionaries

Chapter V: The ‘Plan’ for an All-Russian Political Newspaper



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